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The Power Of In And Out

Most who have encountered the types of horrific and violent things that our soldiers and military seen would never be able to lead a ‘normal’ life when they return. We hear about it often, read about it everywhere and for some we live side by side with what the aftermath of these heroic men and women put themselves through on a daily basis. Emma M Seppala took a major hand in trying to help relieve some of the pain that our veterans go through everyday when she took on becoming a counselor.

Aside from the more than overwhelming fear and outright denial to try and work through PTSD that many of its victims are held captive in, they spend every day with sudden shutdowns due to what civilians don’t even blink at. So many ways have tried to help and so many fail or work part time. There isn’t a one time fix to help these unfortunate suffers; however, Emma found an amazing resource through her training. Breathing in and out. Simple, almost too simple to help. Learn about when she was shown how to go back to just the basics her patients experienced amazing results here.


Wellness We Can’t Do Ourselves

Caregivers not only manage the physical, but also help to mold and set the foundation for the mind and attitude of their patients. Their role in the healing process is more than just to sustain. Victoria Maxwell shares in Psychology Today her own experience of suffering from bipolar disorder, anxiety and psychosis and what guides she learned to provide aid and not discouragement on her journey.

The insightful ways that she found through her need for a caretaker are simple and as if they would be obvious. Being reminded of the good times, the acceptance of what is just is and how liberating that thought process can be, how a caretaker can help tremendously by holding the goals of their patient especially when they can’t. These are just a few of the effective and quick tips for helping lay the best foundation we can as caregivers. The rest can be found here.

How Do You, Love You?

Without presents, public praise or material things, how do you love you? There a some good places to start in bringing a whole new value to your own self-image that aren’t always on our top priority list of things to do. Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. spent years, beating himself up over shortcomings and bad decisions never being that just right version of himself that had to be hiding somewhere.

After years of his own self downing thoughts and being always one step off, he learned some key points to keep practicing to be more than he gave himself credit for. His focus lies in the simplicity of thought. Be true to yourself, don’t try to be perfect, owning what is bad and taking care of yourself more than just the obvious. There are many more seemingly simple ways to make you a more happy and confident in yourself person. Check them out here.