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Most who have encountered the types of horrific and violent things that our soldiers and military seen would never be able to lead a ‘normal’ life when they return. We hear about it often, read about it everywhere and for some we live side by side with what the aftermath of these heroic men and women put themselves through on a daily basis. Emma M Seppala took a major hand in trying to help relieve some of the pain that our veterans go through everyday when she took on becoming a counselor.

Aside from the more than overwhelming fear and outright denial to try and work through PTSD that many of its victims are held captive in, they spend every day with sudden shutdowns due to what civilians don’t even blink at. So many ways have tried to help and so many fail or work part time. There isn’t a one time fix to help these unfortunate suffers; however, Emma found an amazing resource through her training. Breathing in and out. Simple, almost too simple to help. Learn about when she was shown how to go back to just the basics her patients experienced amazing results here.