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Traumatic events happen and are all too common, but resiliency is an inspiration and provides life-changing lessons about coping with the trauma. Traumas can include divorce, a tsunami, or a fire to name a few. Become resilient by breaking through our isolation, reach out, and involve ourselves with others. This creates a common purpose and together you can gain strength and picture a better future. Work at turning your upside-down world right side up. Process your experience and feelings, schedule your next tasks, and provide yourself with safe, secure, clean physical space to sort things out. Trauma can create a feeling that you will never feel normal again, so share your experiences to inspire yourself and other victims to envision brighter futures. Make a commitment that you’re in for the “long-term.” Learn how to work effectively to demand change and remember that both personal and community take time to recover. Traumatic events can be humiliating, whether they damage our bodies or psyches. To help recover your worthiness, reach out to others and share your experiences. Create projects related to the trauma as a way to benefit. “Art therapy” can be therapeutic and can be done through painting, writing, acting, singing, or dancing.

Take these lessons with you and use them, whether you’re a survivor of a interpersonal, sexual, or catastrophic trauma. “Don’t go it alone. Create order out of the chaos. Nurture hope. Commit for the longterm because recover takes time. Reclaim your dignity through helping others.” These are wise words regardless of the trauma experienced.