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Every year we make New Year resolutions that typically do not work. On average, only about 8% of society is successful with keeping their resolutions. The New Year is a time to look back and take stock of what we want for the future, but it’s no wonder we don’t stick to our resolutions, when they’re nothing but a list of things we don’t like about our life and ourselves and want to change. Who can get motivated about changes when this shaming mentality leads to stress and worse outcomes? This is the opposite of how we should start every New Year, so begin now by starting with a new kind of list.

Start by making a list of all the times you were “awesome.” Read this list aloud every time you feel down, depressed, or less than confident. Remember times throughout the past year where you were brave, strong, courageous, powerful, when you challenged your fears, stood up for yourself, and was frightened but made it through. Now that you’re feeling great about yourself and your abilities, make the list that will invoke changes and propel you into the New Year. This list will be of your fears. To help you get started with your list of fears, think back to the past year and ask yourself what you were afraid of and what about that fear scares you, then ask yourself, what is the worst that could happen, if this fear is rational, what you can do to protect yourself, and how you can overcome this fear. Keep in mind that you have to confront these fears and understand how they held you back. You will have to admit to yourself that you were afraid, discover is that fear is rational and ways to overcome it, but to succeed, you need to be open to change, no matter how terrifying it may be