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Friends can psychological hurt friends, which is what makes us wary of friendship. We have all been on the receiving and giving side of this hurtfulness. With this aside, friendship is crucial to having a meaningful, resilient life. You need friends to help you through the dark times when they occur. In order to achieve and maintain a healthy sense of yourself, you need to have 4 types of friends in your life. These friends will help keep you balanced, encourage you, challenge you, and inspire you.

The prophet is a friend who helps you realize who you are and what guides you to think, behave, and feel in a particular way. These friends make you look deep inside for what defines you. The cheerleader is the supportive, sympathetic, calming friend who helps you grow and challenge yourself. The harasser is a friend with a great sense of humor who helps us not take ourselves too seriously. These friends bring perspective on your flexibility to change and how you face challenges in your everyday life. The inspirational or spiritual friend is the person you can call upon who will allow you to be yourself without feeling embarrassed. Discover who these friends are in your life and be sure to allow them to help you create a better life.