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Soul Care Blog

Caring for ourselves allows us to teach, to lead and to love in a way that casts more light than shadow,
requiring us to deepen our inner being, taking us to Soul Care!

Building Resiliency from Trauma

Traumatic events happen and are all too common, but resiliency is an inspiration and provides life-changing lessons about coping with the trauma. Traumas can include divorce, a tsunami, or a fire to name a few. Become resilient by breaking through our isolation, reach... read more

Forget New Year’s Resolutions

Every year we make New Year resolutions that typically do not work. On average, only about 8% of society is successful with keeping their resolutions. The New Year is a time to look back and take stock of what we want for the future, but it’s no wonder we don’t stick... read more

The 4 Types of Friends you Need in your Life

Friends can psychological hurt friends, which is what makes us wary of friendship. We have all been on the receiving and giving side of this hurtfulness. With this aside, friendship is crucial to having a meaningful, resilient life. You need friends to help you... read more

What is a Life Well-Lived?

What does it mean to live a good life? We all have been given this gift of life and we need to figure out how to best use it. There are many different views, which allow for many different perspectives. Here are some thoughts to help you achieve a life well lived.... read more

The Power Of In And Out

Most who have encountered the types of horrific and violent things that our soldiers and military seen would never be able to lead a ‘normal’ life when they return. We hear about it often, read about it everywhere and for some we live side by side with what the... read more

Wellness We Can’t Do Ourselves

Caregivers not only manage the physical, but also help to mold and set the foundation for the mind and attitude of their patients. Their role in the healing process is more than just to sustain. Victoria Maxwell shares in Psychology Today her own experience of... read more

How Do You, Love You?

Without presents, public praise or material things, how do you love you? There a some good places to start in bringing a whole new value to your own self-image that aren’t always on our top priority list of things to do. Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. spent years, beating... read more

Turning The Negative Into Good

There is a tendency to let the bad, negative, uncomfortable and dark aspects of our lives overtake the reality of what could be. Steve Taylor PH.D. wrote about how after years of adapting his surroundings and altering the way he lived day to day to reduce his own... read more

Happy to be Sad

According to this post by Matthew Hutson in Psychology Today, there’s no need to fret feeling a bit down. Where happy emotions are sought after, so-called ‘negative’ emotions, Hutson writes, are suppressed, shamed, and medicated. Hutson suggests all of our emotions... read more

The Psych Behind Being Scammed

Most of us don’t think we can be conned, and that’s part of the reason why people who have been scammed suffer, according to journalist, Abby Ellin’s, story in Psychology Today. Ellin, herself, was “duped”. Not by a conman with a clear sales pitch but by an... read more