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A Prayer for You

A Prayer for You

I see it happening~ finally.
Space to have a kind rhythm.
A rhythm that I have longed for since I was a girl but never allowed myself to live into.


Prayer in the form of quiet, silent, wide paces and rest
Prayers for help, release, openness and desire
Prayers of petition on behalf of my family, friends and the world

Listening prayers~ to the prayers of others

Ted LoderAnne LamottHenri Nouwen and countless other saints who’ve left their prayers behind in the written form that I might join with them in curiosity and praise

Listening for the call of the Creator, the One who knows my name.

That would be the beginning. The place my heart knows of peace and imagination. The place that carries me through the day.

It is the place that crowds out the desire to engage in the mind numbing practices of television excess, junk food, voyeuristic sex and despair.

It is the place instead of good gifts that allow me to be present, to create and recreate.
Letting myself have this time has been a journey through rapid, troubled waters and feels like a secret deep pool of still, safe, clear, reflective water.

It is good for my soul. It is a kind rythmn.